About Us & Why Hemp Fiber

Appalachian Biomass Processing aims to create a diversified and sustainable economy for the Appalachian region of Virginia and neighboring states. We will have the ability to process 2-4 tons of raw hemp per hour for fiber and hurd. We plan to source from approximately 4,000 acres of hemp crops in the region. Our facility will first serve approximately forty neighboring localities of Southwest Virginia. We anticipate importing raw material from a 2.5 hour drive of our site, approximately 280 miles.

Appalachian Biomass Processing will offer infrastructure critical to converting industrial hemp to a profitable material for wholesale to manufacturing industries. Our production model is an internally reproducible model and can expand to meet serve the region’s hemp supply chain. Our team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and motivation to see this plan to fruition. By working with state and local economic development allies, we hope to help create an entirely new industry for the region.

Objective and Goals with Industrial Hemp Fiber

Vitality Farms, LLC will be operating a new industrial hemp processing company intending to create a new industry in Southwest Virginia. This processing plant will convert, via decortification, a raw material of industrial hemp to a manufacturer’s quality industrial fiber. Renaissance Fiber has committed to buy the first bast fiber produced from hemp grown in Southwestern Virginia and processed by Appalachian Biomass Processing. We will be utilizing the products of hurd as another product achieved by the decortification process. One of our initial customers of hemp hurd is Old Dominion Hemp who plans to use the product for animal bedding. By providing this service we will be able to utilize the region’s natural resources to create a crop that is viable for the region’s farmers.  This would add value to the area’s agriculture industry.  Vitality Farms will then be able to create industrial jobs to operate the processing plant in Wythe County, VA.  Our design has been developed to be a reproducible model that can be expanded as the supply and demand chain increases.  Our goal is to strengthen the economy in an underserved rural area of Southwest Virginia.

Overview of our Hemp Fiber Processing

Vitality Farms, LLC will be operating out of 131 Queens Knob Rd, Wytheville, VA.  This facility will be able to import, store, process, and export raw industrial hemp.  We will then sell in the wholesale market quality hemp bast fiber and biodegradable hurd.  We intend to establish a robust supply and demand chain to empower local farmers to supply hemp fiber to a ever-increasing demand for hemp products. We intend to reserve a priority of 25% of contracted imports for minority and veteran owned businesses in Virginia. Upon exhausting these sources, raw material imports will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.